Things I’m loving.


-The fact that I put away the majority of my children’s toys.  The train set has been packed up for months now, and bringing it out make it feel brand new.  We’ve clocked at least 10 hours building and re-building this week.


-Spring.  It’s taken four years of living in Montana to accept that this season isn’t for swimsuits and outdoor cookouts.  We still have a good snow every once and a while, but there’s something sweet about a promise of warm weather on the horizon.  This is also the time of year the kitchen gets bombarded with a big metal shelf to start our plants.

-The gym.  You guys.  I have never, ever enjoyed going to the gym.  Some friends persuaded me, and I tried it out to make sure my kids liked the childcare.  Turns out they love it, and it has been a wonderful one-hour break for mama almost every day.  They get a playdate, and I get to break a sweat.. it’s a win/win.  The only  thing is is that this is the first time in years I’ve exercised regularly and pushed myself.  I’ve been reminded that I’m not 18 anymore and I’m definitely feeling more aches and pains than I use to would have.

-Speaking of aches and pains, I finally got around to ordering PanAway essential oil blend from YoungLiving.  To me, it smells and acts like IcyHot just without all the added chemicals.  It’s expensive, but a little goes a long way! (Public speaking has never, ever been my gift, so I’ve opted out of hosting YL “parties” and created an online store HERE instead… saves us all a little trouble)


This blog.  I must say, I don’t agree with some stuff she writes, but she’s good guys.  It’s a guilty pleasure to check what she posts everyday.

-Getting back into the kitchen.  Although I consider myself a true-blue foodie, I go through phases of being in and out of the kitchen.  Sure, dinner gets cooked at home most every night, but it’s the fun kitchen stuff that comes and goes… fermenting, kombucha brewing, yogurt making, sprouting, etc.

Zulily.  I cannot be trusted with online shopping. Why do they make it so easy?  You just press a few buttons and BAM…. you have a fun box waiting to be opened on your front porch. Zulily is somewhat new to me, and we’re anxiously awaiting my first purchase of some learning to read DVDs.

What are you into these days?


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