the ABCs of decorating

Thanks to Abby, I’m a new devotee of the Young House Love blog … and I love the Bower Power blog … so when we saw that they were doing a Pinterest Winter Challenge (along with Megan and Michelle), we both wanted to join in!  (You can see Abby’s Pinterest success here!)


At first, I thought I could just post about the desk I built.

But then I realized that would be a cop-out.

Because the whole point of the challenge is to actually do something.

Be honest … how much time do you spend perusing Pinterest?

And how much time do you spend re-creating the stuff you find on Pinterest and love?

It’s embarrassing, right?



I have been in love with this wall for months.


I think it’s whimsical.

And lovely.

And it makes me want to spend time in this room.

So I’ve been thinking it’s something I want to do for the room our littles share.  But I’ve been a little slow on the uptick.

But that changes now.

Because this week I sucked it up and went to Michael’s and bought a few letters to really get me started.

I bought “I” “J” “W” and “T” … painted white 12″ MDF letters … because these are the first letters of all our names and I thought it would be nice if they sort of matched.

Then I bought some Spray Mount Artist Adhesive.

I already had some printed card stock.  And a few letters I had discovered while thrifting (seven, to be exact).  And some craft paint.

And now all I needed was a few hours by myself.



Made myself laugh.

Image copy 3 So I may not have all the letters yet (11 out of 26 is a good start, I think).

Or finished decorating the letters I have (5 out of 11 … not bad).

Or mounted them on the wall.

I’m happy to be taking part in the challenge, and glad I finally got started!

What are you making off your Pinterest board?

I couldn’t help it … and I’m blaming Abby … and Suzy … and Young House Love

Jeanne here.

After Abby took part in this $20 thrift store challenge from Young House Love, I have had an itch to head out to the Thrift Store.

It’s not that I needed anything.

Not really anyway.

I mean …

I’m constantly looking for interesting “letters” because I’m very slowly compiling an alphabet wall for the kids’ room inspired by this example I found on Pinterest.

One day, our nursery wall will look like this!

But today … my plan was to go out to Suzy’s and finish my desk.

Unfortunately, Suzy was in the middle of a major lacquer-job … not really a place for two littles to be running around.  And I didn’t really want to be breathing in lacquer, either.  Especially not in an enclosed space.

So we didn’t even unload.

We just gave Suzy a wave, and wished her luck with her project, loaded up the dogs and headed out.

The thing is, Suzy’s home is about 3 miles from a great Thrift Store.

IMG_6026 I had a $20 in my wallet.

And the kids seemed game.


Sort of.

So I went for it.  I took the Young House Love challenge.

And I’m pretty psyched.

Because if I hadn’t taken the challenge, I wouldn’t have come home with red garden boots!

3 dollar garden boots

Or these adorable hearts that will hold whatever we decide to gift our two littles on Valentine’s Day.

50 cent hearts (Until I happened on these cuties I wasn’t planning on getting them anything for the Hallmark holiday.  Now what am I going to do?)

The littlest Cowboy wouldn’t have gotten a new cow to add to his collection (not that he needed another cow … but it’s just so cute!).

50 cent cow And our aspiring animal doctor wouldn’t have been able to practice her craft on parrots, cats and dogs with near as much accuracy and precision.

2.25 animal hospital (Not pictured – the animal hospital’s roof opens and inside there are play vitamins, vaccines, a feed bowl, a working flashlight, a tongue depressor and a can of dog food … it’s kind of awesome.)

I also got two shirts and a pair of pants for the boy ($5) and four new chapter books for our girl ($2).

So … thanks to Abby … and Suzy … and Young House Love …

Without each one of you (plus $13 out of the $20 I brought with me), my house would have a lot less stuff in it …

With Love,


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