making memories with food

We’re guest posting a tried and true bread pudding recipe today over at Modern Alternative Mama. (Apparently, we are bread pudding crazy this week).  We’re also reminiscing about lost loved ones and using food as a touchstone during the holidays to keep their memory alive.

Kate (founder of MAM) also happens to be one of the incredible real food bloggers we’ve teamed with for our Vitamix Giveaway!  If you haven’t visited her site before, maybe this will be a good excuse.


I remember so vividly the moment my grandmother (affectionally known as Pidge) gave me her mother’s recipe for bread pudding.  It was October, 2001.  I had broken up with a long-time boyfriend and just moved into a new apartment in Beverly Hills on Peck Drive.  As in Gregory Peck.  One of my favorite actors of all time.  (Have you seen Big Country? or To Kill a Mockingbird?  Then you probably love him, too …)

Anyway … I was on the phone with Pidge (which was not unusual as my grandmother was one of my best friends … second only to my mom … in fact, Pidge was the first person I told about my future-husband the day after I met him, but that’s another story).  Gram was an amazing woman for whom family always came first.  Her prayers were never for our success (not that she didn’t want us to succeed), but for our happiness.  And her love and devotion unwavering.

Anyway … back to October, 2001 … I’m sure I called to wallow in sadness over my recent break-up.  But a great lesson I learned from Pidge was not to wallow in sadness.  To look in front of me and see all the promise of a new day.  To find grace and keep faith that no matter what heartbreak and hardship was looming, because nothing lands on our plates that we can’t handle.

So there I was wallowing in despair … “Oh whoa is me.  I will never find love … Wah Wah Wah”

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