Several weeks late… Happy Birthday Jeanne!

There’s only one day left in November, and I’ve been meaning to write this post all month.

You see, this was Jeanne’s birthday month, and I felt like she deserved a little appreciation.  After all, it is a month of being thankful, and I am so thankful to have a friend like her.

A handful of our readers are lucky enough to actually know real life Jeanne.  For those of you who don’t… I thought I’d fill you in a bit.

She is fun.  To me this is a fantastic quality to have in a close friend.  She is serious about serious things, but doesn’t take herself too serious!The first time we met, we were 2 pregnant ladies at an empty park with our toddlers.  I had parked myself on a bench and let my boy play by himself when I look over to see an equally pregnant mom going down the slide with her daughter.  We hadn’t even introduced ourselves to each other, but I remember thinking Wow… she’s putting me to shame!  Now that I know her, I know that she is always hands on with her kids, and loves for them to have a good time.

She is smart.  More than I like to admit, Jeanne will throw out a word in a conversation that I have never heard of and have no idea what it means.  I generally just smile and nod.  So I’ve only known Jeanne in this season of her life, but before we met she had a carrier that carried a lot of weight and responsibility.  I can only imagine she was fantastic at the job.

She is a health-nut.  We’d still be great friends if this weren’t the case, but it is just so convenient.  Even before we started this blog, we were always talking food and health.  It’s fun to have a friend who I can relate too so much on something I’m so passionate about.

She is humble.  I’ve mentioned this before, but she really is so humble.  The girl has done a lot of really neat things in her life, and it takes a lot for her to get talking about it.  She could probably woo some of us with some “Hollywood” stories, but that’s just not her type.

She is a wonderful mom.  Our kids are the same age, and our toddlers are best friends.  That being said, we do a lot of play dates. I see her in her mom “role” sometimes every day, and she is pretty great at it.  She reads to her kids.  She makes sure they eat right.  She plays with them.  She encourages them.  She changes diapers.  She teaches them.   And she does all these things with a joyful heart.

She is a great friend.  She’s one of those friends I can count on.   At her wedding, I got to meet some of her best friends.  A common theme was how great we think Jeanne is.  I think it’s something to have women who have known Jeanne at every different season in her life come together and be able to all talk about her kindness and generosity.

Here’s where I should enter a picture of us together, but I don’t actually have one.  What does that even mean?  Can you really be great friends for a year and a half and not have a single picture together?  In her defense, she tried to get us to take a picture together yesterday, but I’m sporting an awesome red rash on my face and wasn’t up for it.

So instead here’s a cute pic of our kids, used without her permission.

Happy (very belated) Birthday Jeanne!  So thankful for you!dx


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  1. Abby –

    She is all that and more…much more, take my word for it! How lucky we are (especially me) to have her in our lives.

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