nourishing cupboard update

Jeanne here.

With a status report.

Back in November, I showed you this picture and shared a few ways one could start building a more nourishing cupboard:

cupbard-2 The goal, of course, is to cut out processed, refined, extruded, synthesized food.  To feed our family whole, real, simple food that my grandmother would recognize as food… food that’s not fortified or enriched or genetically enhanced because it still has its nutrients in tact.

That’s the goal.

See all those boxes of cereal?

Two boxes of Sunbelt granola.  EnviroKidz Organic Amazon Corn Flakes.  Some Cascadian Farms cereal.  And some other random box of cereal that I can’t remember.

And do you see that big bag of organic sugar on the top shelf?

And the cereal bars?

And the plastic containers and bags?


I know.

I should have been a little anxious about sharing it.

But, you know, it’s a process.  Building a nourishing cupboard doesn’t happen overnight.

But the cereal … I know store-bought cereal isn’t nutritious.

I know it’s not really food.

I know that even the “good for you” cereal is highly processed and not-so nutrient-dense.

I know that the process they use to create those puffs and flakes and granolas uses high heat and extrusion and strips out most of the nutrients that exist in the wheat and corn in its natural state.  I know that the synthetic nutrients they add back in are less accessible in our bodies.  (Click here if you want more info about the dangers of store-bought cereal.)

No, that doesn’t mean I don’t still love a late-night snack of granola with yogurt and honey.  Old habits … But again, it’s a process … and I’m happy to say that we are down to one box of cereal (and I save it for that rare 3 am when nothing else will satisfy the craving).

Check it out.  This is our cupboard today:


I’m happy to see that the sugar bag hasn’t really moved.  And it looks like we haven’t really used much (if any) since the last post.

I’m psyched to see that we’ve graduated to more glass storage containers.  (No more BPAs in the cupboard!)

I’m proud of the lack of plastic bags from the bulk aisle (we now bring the jars with us as they empty).

I’m surprised to see we have no more popcorn … and know now that I have to take a trip to the Co-Op later today.

And I’m happy to know we’ve got a few Larabars left.  (We don’t often have store-bought Larabars in the house because I make a sour-cherry-date-almond-chia “raw cookie” that is pretty tasty … but it’s nice, once in a while, to have the option of a short-cut 🙂

But most of all … I see that one little box of cereal on the bottom shelf …

photo copy

…And I think to myself …

Whooop!  Whooop!


Anyway … there’s still some work to be done.  But I’m really enjoying the process.

How’s your cupboard?

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