glorious glamping on the longest day of the year

Jeanne here.

Tomorrow is the summer solstice. The official start of summer. The longest day of the year. And in southwest Montana that means the sun won’t set until 9:17 pm. It’ll be light until about 10. And we’ll have another night struggling with the kiddos to “please go to bed!”

But I won’t be fighting this time …not that we fight ;). Because this time, we’ll be glamping (glamping, not camping, because I can’t think of it as roughing it when we sleep in a trailer on a mattress nicer than the one in our bedroom in the Rockies.

Cooking over an open fire.

Taking trail rides.

Going on nature walks (our little girl decorated a box so she can collect “rocks and flowers and sticks and ants and bugs!!!”) The plan is to collect some cool stuff and then come home and try to figure out what it all is. Her idea. Awesome.

So today I’m reflecting on Solstice. Because I love summer. I love camping. I love spending time outside.

But besides marking the first day of summer, Solstice means the days will start getting shorter. Fast. We are far enough north that our days will shrink a few minutes at a time.

It means that our garden’s days are numbered and the zucchini have so much growing left to do!

So I’m just going to try to live in this moment today… the second longest day of the year.

Checking out the new tent to make sure it’s waterproof.



Cooking (short ribs, brownies, sourdough pancake batter …).

Getting the horses loaded and heading out of town.


Happy Summer, everyone!


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