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Okay … so we’re finally back to “work” … and we’re ready to dive into 2013 with gusto.  But we couldn’t get really going until we took a moment to look at all the good stuff we’ve learned.

Because as bloggers, we probably spend too much time online 🙂

And as a result of that … and because we’re both obsessed with health and well-being … in love with gardening … and hopeful that we’re doing what we can to raise happy and healthy kids, we’ve had an opportunity to stumble on some pretty interesting articles over the past year.

tire swing

So we decided to get on the blogger bandwagon and post a few of our favorite bits from the world wide web from 2012…




GARDENING (organic or otherwise)

  • Because Spring is just around the corner … also, I used this last year, pinned it, and am going to use it again to organize and plan and plant our new garden.  Spring Gardening Resources by Gayla Trail from You Grow Girl.  NOTE:  Abby let me borrow Gayla’s book Grow Great Grub last year, which transformed our garden.



  • Making S.M.A.R.T. homeschooling decisions on The Pioneer Woman which is not technically from 2012 (since it’s from January 1, 2013) … nor does it only apply to homeschooling as it basically reminds us we can accomplish anything so long as we are  Specific about what we want.  And make those goals Measurable. Attainable. Relevant and give ourselves the right amount of Time to get it done.  I’m betting that we’ll be using these tenets to develop O’Mamas into a great resource for you all this year!

What sites do you rely on for good, fun, interesting info?  We’re always looking for new resources … let’s share!

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