confessions of an uptight foodie

Abby here…

A few days ago, I wrote here about how I feed my kids.

I felt like I needed to follow up that post and let y’all know that I don’t want to be an uptight foodie.

I don’t want to be so mentally consumed with organic food or grass-fed meats or cutting out grains that me or my kids miss out on life.  I am so thankful to be passionate about whole foods, but I don’t want to be consumed!

Yesterday, we took a 2 hour drive to West Yellowstone to see a Grizzly Preserve.

It was a last minute trip so I didn’t have much time to prepare food to bring.  I made some popcorn and cut up some grapes, which lasted all of 20 minutes on the way there.  After we saw the bears we were all hungry and landed at a honky-tonk cafe with all fried food.  I had already had it I’m my head to be flexible.   And guess what?  We all survived!  The food was nothing memorable, but the time with my family was priceless.

Here’s to spontaneous future family road trips.
Here’s to my little ones making cookies with grandparents.
Here’s to eating at an greasy old diner that my husband has been itching to try.
Here’s to pizza and a movie.

Here’s to being passionate about real food but, but being even more passionate about living life!

2 thoughts on “confessions of an uptight foodie

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Abby! Life is to lived and rules are made to be broken. Stepping outside of your plans and principles from time to time enhances the journey! Sometimes you just have to load up and go…who knows what wonderful treasures are in store for you as you follow your impetuous instincts and more often than not, the road less traveled!

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