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Abby here….

Today as I pulled out some paint and paper Elijah yelled, “Yay! This is what we get to do at friend’s houses!”

He couldn’t have said it better.  It’s a special occasion for me to be crafty.  I have never been the type of mom that planned out activities or had supplies on hand.  Our craft box contains markers and crayons.  No glitter. No glue.  Those 2 are way to messy for a house I already can’t keep clean.

Typically, this is the extent of our arts and crafts.

We did paint today, and Elijah did have fun.  But it got me thinking.

I’m a good boy mom.  We don’t do crafts.  We barely bake together.

But we do have fun…

We jump on the bed.
We play at the park.
We wrestle. A lot.
We laugh at the word stinky.
We play trains.
We chase.
We play shark and lion.
We do boy things.

Who knows… maybe one day I’ll get to experience the joy of having a little girl.  But for now, I have 2 boys and that suits me just fine.

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  1. Hi Abby … just wanted you to know, my first reaction was to post something about being a girl mom … and about our glitter-filled days … and crafty craft life … and then I realized I don’t have any glitter, either!! Love your post … and adore your boys. xo – J

  2. You’re my kind of mama! I have two incredibly crafty girls and I have zero idea where they came from. Crafty is not a word I’d ever use to describe myself. And, like you, we’re all doing just fine! Great post!

  3. I found out i was having another boy and decided i will just do the things i wanted to with a daughter with my two sons. Im determined to do more rafts as momma time- i leave the bouncing and wrestling to Daddy 😉

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