and then we exhale …

Jeanne here…

So … in case we haven’t spoken in a while, you might not know we’ve had a crazy few months.

We sold our house (a 1940-something in-town cottage).

Started negotiating on a new home (111 acre homestead about 30 miles from town).

Got married (yes … we did it a little backwards, having the family first … but the Cowboy and I have done little in our lives that most would consider “conventional” … so it’s just one more thing).

The Cowboy’s mom broke her back (which is intense at any age … but at 80-something?  Nuts).

The deal we were negotiating for our new homestead fell apart.

And we weren’t having much luck in the real estate market finding our forever home.

And I’m just going to go ahead and say it … things were getting tense.

Until yesterday.

At around noon.

When we got the call (actually, my new sister-in-law stopped by with the news on her way home from dropping her son off at school) that the prospective buyers of the cottage had decided to pull out of the deal.

So we took a collective breath.

Then we took a collective exhale.

And I got to take out one of my favorite fuzzy red hats.

My faith in the Universe is restored.

And I am thankful.

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  1. Jeanne! WOW! You have been through a lot! Congratulations again on your beautiful wedding. Your children are gorgeous. I love the picture of the three of you. I am loving the new blog. I will be making some of the delicious recipes below, keep them coming! Hello Abby!

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