a mother’s day giveaway … because we love the mothers

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Despite the (sometimes) trying days and long nights, being mamas is one of our greatest joys.

So in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, we thought it’d be fun to celebrate the ladies!   And what do most mamas want?

To feel appreciated, to feel beautiful, and to know their babies are safe. Ohh… and it’d be nice to not have to think about breakfast.  (A kid-free day at the spa followed by a romantic dinner with our husbands wouldn’t hurt either.)

Sowhat better way to do this than a giveaway of a bag full of some of our favorite pampering goodies!

Here’s what’s up for grabs:
All things we love and use daily!


1: Kim Green Bag*
2: Organic Biologique Cotton Pads
3:  Elizabeth W. Shea Butter Body Cream**
4: Aura Cacia Relaxing Lavender Mineral Bath
5: Natural Pumice Stone- Necessary for foot scrubbing after gardening!
6: Badger After Sun Balm- Sure, it’s a bear to rub in, but it gets a #1 rating on the Environmental Working Group’s safety list (which is a GREAT rating) and it actually works.
7: Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap-  You may remember Jeanne mentioning that HERE.
8: Terra Mist Lip Gloss
9: Belgian Egg White Soap**- Jeanne swears by this soap.
10: Bija Body Nightly Beauty Tea**- Can’t hurt, right?

*You may recall that Jeanne used to work in the movie business.  Which means she got to work with some incredibly talented artists from all across the industry.  Incredible actors.  Cinematographers who could transform the sky into a kodachrome memory of 1971.  Productions Designers that could create new worlds out of thin air.  And hair and make-up artists who could make any star beautiful no matter how rough the night before treated him/her.  (Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a make-up artist on hand for those days when we just want to feel pretty even when we have spit-up in our hair?)

Well Kim Greene is one of those make-up artists.  But she’s more than that.  She’s one of those people who brightens up the room just because she’s in it … and if you’re lucky enough to sit in her chair, there’s no one who will make you feel as good about yourself.  So it’s not surprising that Kim hasworked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood (Christina Applegate, Eric Bana, Jessica Biel, Seth Rogen, Melissa McCarthy … the list is actually too long to go on).  But she has  also created the perfect make-up bag (it’s a unique, organized, sanitary and functional bag to organize your make-up … or hair supplies … or emergency medical supplies … or whatever)!  Thank you Kim for offering up one of your signature Kim Greene Line Essential Bags as a part of this giveaway!

**And then Deirdre Quinn, the proprietor of one of our favorite local stores Indulgence offered to help us fill it!  (Deirdre is one of the most amazing women we’ve met since relocating to Bozeman.  Like Kim, she’s a stellar make-up artist … she did Jeanne’s wedding make-up … she’s a gorgeous human being and spends most of her life making the world a better place to live in.)  Thanks Dierdre!

This fun bag filled to the brim (valued at around $75) will be mailed directly to one of you this weekend!

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It’s really simple to enter!

Just like us on FACEBOOK or TWITTER and then leave a comment HERE in this post!

Giveaway open to all US residents.

Winner selected at random on Friday, May 10th.  Check back to this post to see if you’ve won!

We hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day!

Abby and Jeanne

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23 thoughts on “a mother’s day giveaway … because we love the mothers

  1. What a great swag bag!! I could use it since I won’t be going to the spa anytime soon with a newborn!! Loving the blog Abby!!!

  2. This is a great giveaway and after raising 4 beautiful children I would love this to go to a new mom…. it’s hard to get away with a new little one…Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommas….

  3. So thankful to know these two wonderful mothers, Abby & Jeanne! Great photo btw of both of u! How sweet if you to celebrate Mother’s Day in a special way like this – someone will be really pampered! 🙂

    1. women who are moms, women who want to be moms, women who have moms, women who had moms … men who have wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, daughters … thanks for reminding us that we all deserve a little TLC 🙂

  4. Like everyone else here, I’d LOVE to win. I feel a little bit greedy, though, since I won a previous great giveaway… Happy Mother’s Day O’Mamas. Keep up the great work!

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  6. Happy Mother’s Day O mamas!! you 2 are so cute, you could pass for sisters in that picture! I hope you both have fabulous Mother’s days!!

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