what to do with an old door DIY


We have a few old doors in our garage the Cowboy found at a local art school garage sale/giveaway.  And I’m not entirely sure, but I believe he had visions of tables and future homes and neat things in those old doors.

We’ve been storing them in the garage on a steel shelf above the freezer … a shelf that is doing yeoman’s work by holding up these super-heavy-fire-door-like wooden slabs. (To say it makes me nervous every time I go out to the chest freezer might be an exaggeration.)

And before he left for his job, I asked my stronger half to help me get one down because I had this idea to turn one into an outdoor chalkboard.  We spend a lot of time outdoors.  And the kiddos LOVE sidewalk chalk.  They love playing “school” and I was thinking it would give us an opportunity to use  a new space in the backyard a little differently.

We picked up the only two colors of chalkboard paint carried at our local Paint Pot that weren’t black (which turned out to be green and purple).

And I started sanding (just to get the big scratches out).

Then, I followed the instructions on the paint containers and got busy (with a little help from two sets of small hands).



We let it “cure” for 3 days (in the shade).

And then followed more instructions:  As a gang-of-three, we “chalked it up.”



IMG_0208 And then our 4 year-old wiped it clean with a clean damp cloth.

IMG_0212 I think it needs another wipe.

I’ll say this … The chalkboard paint would have worked a little better had it been more evenly applied.  But for a 4 year-old, a 2 year-old, and mom who wanted to have an activity to do together, I think it’s gonna work out just fine.

Now, can I please borrow someone’s husband for 20 minutes to get this thing hung up on the fence so the kids can use it?





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