twelve things

one: We’re having a birthday party for my big guy this week, and I’m racking my brain to figure out how in the world to make bright red frosting for some Superman cupcakes.  There’s strawberries and beets purees, but I’m not sure my four year old wants pink cupcakes!  Has anyone had luck making a red frosting?!

two: I’m reading this book right now and it’s fantastic.

Einstein Never Used Flashcards“By making children dependent on others to schedule and entertain them, we deprive them of the pleasures of creating their own games and the sense of mastery and independence they will need to enjoy running their own lives.  The concept of enjoyment, of silliness, or play, is relegated to the back of the bus.  The concept of downtime – when we can just do nothing, reflect a little, and have a chance to become ourselves – seems to be a kind of heresy in the current cult of  achievement.”(pg11)

I bought it used on Amazon for $3 and it was worth every penny.  I had planned on giving it away on the blog once I was done, but I mainly read it in the tub at night and it’s pretty waterlogged!

three: Today I was a crappy mom.  It was just one of those days where you are ready to get those munchkins in bed and start over tomorrow.  I apologized to my kids twice today (something I should do more) for yelling at them over something stupid.

four:  I was an even crappier wife today.  I’ll just leave it at that.

five: Elijah has his first soccer game this weekend, and seeing him in that uniform just melts me.  He has the best coaches.  They just want the game to be fun!  I love that.  At his first practice, he was a little skeptical and hid behind my husband the whole hour.  At the end of the practice Coach Joey told him to “keep coming back”.  For whatever reason, several times a day, he tells me…. “The coaches say keeeeeeeeeeep coming back.  So I guess we should.”  (After typing that out, I realize there’s no way to portray his innocence and cuteness through words on a screen.  Just trust me… it’s adorable.)

But he loves soccer now, and is having a ball (pun intended).  He’s the youngest on the team, and it thrilled to just be running around aimlessly chasing the kids who have the ball.  Ahhhh… if I could just freeze time.

six: We finally planted our tomatoes in the greenhouse today.  I can’t stress enough that this is the best. time. of. the. year!!!!  This picture doesn’t look like much, but in about 4 months it’ll be a 6 foot tall tree producing more tomatoes that we know what to do with.  Good problem, huh!?


seven: Speaking of gardening, this will be the first year that I can put my 4 year old to work.  He’s always loved “helping” water, but that used to just mean drowning one bed and leaving the rest bone dry.  He’s got the hang of it this year!  Woo hoo!


eight: THIS.  An honest, brutal, painful read about from a mama who just lost her boy this week.  Her story is powerful.

nine:  We’re coming up on our five year anniversary.  Love him.  He’s kind and forgiving (see four). 217_571328710817_5049_n

ten: Speaking of marriage.  My little sister is getting married this summer… which is crazy/awesome.  The only sad part of the whole thing is I hardly know the lucky man.  I guess that’s what happens when you live on the other side of the country.  Luckily though, my entire family lives in Texas and they approve!  I do, however, know my sister extremely well, and know that John is one lucky fella.  Yep… we’re both going to be married to Johns!

eleven:  I am a horrible painter.  I got an itch (that turned into a 3 day obsession) to re-do my boys room and thought painting would be so fun!  WRONG!  It requires a technique and patience that I just don’t have.   If you ever go in there, please don’t take a good look where the wall meets the ceiling.

twelve: I used to judge people who were obsessed with TV shows.. thinking get a life!  Turns out I’m one of them… New Girl sealed the deal.  Tuesday and Wednesday nights the tv’s MINE!



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