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Before my kids were old enough to have opinions, I had visions of all educational toys, mostly wooden of course.

And then they grew up.

It’s all about action hero’s in our house, and you can find Bat-Super-Spider-Iron Man paraphanelia in their closets and toy boxes.

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It’s good for me though. It’s good to be reminded they are their own people… with their own likes, dislikes and opinions. I want that for them, as I don’t believe kids are supposed to be little robots.

Superhero’s aside, I strive to keep the toys simple. I’m all about combining education with fun.

That being said, Walking Stick Toy is giving away a Doc HABA kid’s medical kit to one of you! It retails at $42, and would be great to surprise your kids with now or save for Christmas.  Don’t have kids?  I’m sure your family member/neighbor/co-worker would appreciate a fun gift to give to their little one!

Lucky for me, doctors are superheros, too!

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 10.20.55 PM


We have a few Doc HABA toys at our house (like this, this and this), and the quality is undeniable.  I’ve found if I invest a little money on nicer toys, we all take better care of them.

Walking Stick Toys is a locally owned business (with an online presence) who sells the kind of toys we dream of our kids having. The junk-free, environmentally-friendly toys we wish filled our playrooms.  I’m itching to take the short drive to Missoula to check out their store front!


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