there’s no buddy like a brother

Abby here…

Today was rough.

One of those days you day dream of being on a far away island with a frozen beverage in hand, but in reality you were at the grocery store in sweats.

So I have no idea what made me think it might be a good day to try and make a craft… something I never, ever do.

And can I just say…. I follow a lot of bloggers who stay at home with their kids, and still manage to always be stenciling a bathroom or  redoing some major piece of furniture.  I have NO IDEA how you pull it off.

But anyways…

Last night on Pinterest I saw a saying “There’s no buddy like a brother,” and I just thought it was the sweetest thing ever.  For one… my 2 little guys really, really love each other.  I pray that their bond is always strong.


So we are working on figuring out the best way to transition the two boys into one room, and I thought putting that saying on the wall might give me a little motivation.

The object of the game was to spend no money and just use stuff I had.  And just so you know, I’ve never claimed to be crafty!

Here’s where we ended up.


It’s a 2 foot by 3 foot piece of foam that I very imperfectly transformed into a piece of….????… I guess this would fit into the art category.  How embarrassing.

I started out with this big purple piece of foam that weighs about as much as a bag of feathers.  It was packing material in a large box a while back, and I’ve been wondering what I could do with it ever since. I had a small sample of black low-VOC paint laying around, so I brushed a quick coat over the top so that the purple wouldn’t shine through the burlap.  The paint job was very quick and messy, but it didn’t matter because it was all about to be covered up.


Using a can of spray adhesive, I glued the burlap onto the foam board.  If I could go back I would have taken this step much more seriously and really tried to get a smooth surface.  But truth is… I knew the little one would be waking up any minute and just wanted to get this part done.  Once I thought the front was dry enough I flipped it over and glue down the edges and corners.


At this point it would have been very easy had I had stencils, but I took it upon myself to make my own using a brown bag, marker and scissors. 

Once I cut out the letters, I stenciled them on one by one, using the same black paint and brush I used earlier.

Here’s where we ended up!  This last picture I took this evening, and the night light is a bit more forgiving with the wrinkles.  I would have done a full wall shot, but all you’re missing is a very messy train table underneath.  Eventually David’s crib will live under there. (One of the perks of the whole thing weighing less than a pound.)

So does it all look like a 6 year old did it?  Unfortunately.

Do I wish I had taken the time and got the fabric smooth?  Yes.

Do some of the imperfections like the downward BUDDY and the imperfect A and H and R make me cringe?  Just a little.

But sure enough… I hung it on the wall and Elijah came in and excitedly said, “MOM… I love it.  I love it so much!  Look there’s an E like my name.  And an R.  And a D like David.  I like so much! Thanks Mom!”


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