The only time you will ever hear me suggest you buy your kids a toy with a bunch of small pieces.

I am not a fan of toys with multiple pieces.  Sometimes at yard sales I will see toys that still have all the pieces in tact, and I am in absolute awe of how that parent has kept up with it all.

I have almost ruled out puzzles, and I am 100% sure my kids can go on to live normal lives without them.

And then there are Legos.  Oh Legos, I love you and I hate you.  See picture below.


Months ago, I bought a giant box of Legos second-hand for $20.  Considering new Legos are so dang expensive, this seemed like a good deal.  The guy who sold them to me tried to tell me this was $400 worth of Legos… and after seeing the prices in store I almost believe him.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally stepped on a piece, yelled a naughty word in my head and threatened to throw every single one of them away.

But my boys love them.  And lately my 18 month old has been impressing his parents with his Lego building abilities.


I will say, one thing that makes Legos okay in my book is that, unlike puzzles, it’s okay to lose a piece here and there.  You don’t need specific pieces to make them complete.

And then of course there is the whole working on fine motor skills thing.

Back to the toy I think you should buy your kids.  Let me just say that I rarely buy my kids new toys at this point.  Time and time again I have seen the exact same toys at Target and Goodwill.  In fact, Elijah was given a brand new $5o plastic Toy Story toy that I literally saw the next week at Goodwill for $1.50.  It was then and there that I swore off new toys.

But Elijah was given a $10 gift card to Target, and was so excited to go pick out a new toy. On the way there we talked about how most of the toys are more than $10 and that we were only going to pick a toy that he could afford with his gift card.

The process was taking FOREVER to find something that he wanted for under ten, until we came across the best thing ever.


Pardon the small picture, but HERE is the link from Target. They happened to be on sale for $9.99 down from $19.99.  They aren’t actually Lego brand, but they seem like it to me.  You build your creation onto the base which lights them up.

More than once Elijah has said they are “So so so so so so cool, Mom!”.  I guess you could say he approved.


Just in case you are wondering, nobody paid me to promote this toy.  We are just big fans.

And for the first time ever, I am actually tempted to run to Target and buy more while they are still on sale.

I think they are pretty neat and guarantee your little one would think the same!


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