the not so glamorous side of gardening

Here in Montana we have a pretty short growing season, so to grow a substantial amount of food you have to be gardening most of the year.

And while sometimes gardening means harvesting your bounty and enjoying a gorgeous day outside, the majority of it is not so glamorous.

Like trecking out to the greenhouse in 18 inches of snow to tend to your blueberry bushes.


And when you are out in the greenhouse pruning the strawberry plants there is always a chance you will see a mouse THAT YOU ALMOST TOUCHED scurry under the brush.  At this point, I normally would have screamed my head off and ran into the house vowing to never, ever enter the greenhouse again.  But instead I put on my big girl panties and kept going.  This is a big deal coming from the girl who is so terrified of critters I slept in between my parents for 2 nights after seeing a spider on my bed in high school.  So yea… I was pretty proud of myself, and the strawberry beds are ready!


And there’s a good chance gardening could mean giving up a lot of kitchen real estate for a giant metal shelf to hold on your seeds you are starting.

photo-18 Speaking of planting seeds, it’s very tedious.  And if you have little hands that want to help it will in fact take 100 times longer.

photo-19 But it’s always nice when that pop of green finally shows up!

And then there are the bugs.  Those far things can be so frustrating.  And sometimes despite what seems like all your efforts, the bugs will take over.  I’ve had particular bad luck with aphids, but I’m gearing up this year to dominate those things.  THEY WILL NOT WIN.
Alright.  So, if you don’t grow food yet, it’s so worth it.  There are always times when you want to scream and pull your hair out, but the end result is always worth it!

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