the ABCs of decorating

Thanks to Abby, I’m a new devotee of the Young House Love blog … and I love the Bower Power blog … so when we saw that they were doing a Pinterest Winter Challenge (along with Megan and Michelle), we both wanted to join in!  (You can see Abby’s Pinterest success here!)


At first, I thought I could just post about the desk I built.

But then I realized that would be a cop-out.

Because the whole point of the challenge is to actually do something.

Be honest … how much time do you spend perusing Pinterest?

And how much time do you spend re-creating the stuff you find on Pinterest and love?

It’s embarrassing, right?



I have been in love with this wall for months.


I think it’s whimsical.

And lovely.

And it makes me want to spend time in this room.

So I’ve been thinking it’s something I want to do for the room our littles share.  But I’ve been a little slow on the uptick.

But that changes now.

Because this week I sucked it up and went to Michael’s and bought a few letters to really get me started.

I bought “I” “J” “W” and “T” … painted white 12″ MDF letters … because these are the first letters of all our names and I thought it would be nice if they sort of matched.

Then I bought some Spray Mount Artist Adhesive.

I already had some printed card stock.  And a few letters I had discovered while thrifting (seven, to be exact).  And some craft paint.

And now all I needed was a few hours by myself.



Made myself laugh.

Image copy 3 So I may not have all the letters yet (11 out of 26 is a good start, I think).

Or finished decorating the letters I have (5 out of 11 … not bad).

Or mounted them on the wall.

I’m happy to be taking part in the challenge, and glad I finally got started!

What are you making off your Pinterest board?

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