that time we went camping and saw three bears …

Abby and her family were hoping to come camping with us last weekend, but it didn’t work out this time … which is probably for the best … because Abby’s got a thing about bears.

As in …

I think she’s kinda freaked out by them.

Which makes sense … because bears can be dangerous.

And it’s important when camping (especially in Montana, and particularly in places that are known as “bear country”) to be “bear aware.”


Carry bear spray (careful to keep it in a place that is NOT accessible to your toddlers and young children).

Know how to store your food and trash (NOT in canvas tents or trailers).

Be on the lookout for evidence of bears (paw prints, scat, etc.)

And be prepared to act (to run in the other direction if you are far enough away or to drop to the ground and “play dead” if you are not).


So I get it.

And I especially got it this weekend when, while camping in the Gallatin National Forest with the Cowboy and our Littles, we found an elk carcass on the outskirts of our campsite.

fascinating dogs

And then we found a bear track about 500 yards up river (crossing to the opposite side).

bear paw print

We woke up one morning to this sight across the river.


Followed just moments later by this one.


And just a few short hours later, we found this rare white baby bear had invaded our camp.

bear in the campsite

Be safe out there …



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