telling the truth: what’s the messiest room in your house?

Abby here.

Can I be honest about something?

This whole internet thing can stress me out.

In the age of instagram, pretty blogs, facebook and twitter… it’s easy to feel like everyone else’s life is so perfect.  The perfect meals with the perfect house and the perfect vacations and the perfect kids who always eat what you give them for dinner.

So in effort to make us all feel more human, I’m asking you to air your dirty laundry.


As for me, the whole house requires constant picking up, but our closet seems to be a catch all.  In fact, until this morning, it had a train table in there, too.

photo-14All that piled at the back of the closet?  Well, it’s the too small home for unused an infant car seat, outgrown baby clothes and our way too big stash of shoes we don’t wear. And if I were being completely honest i’d tell you there are times when the closet looks much worse.

So now it’s your turn.  What’s the messiest room in your house?

2 thoughts on “telling the truth: what’s the messiest room in your house?

  1. I’m sad to say, my living room is usually the messiest room in the house. Thats what happens when you have a giant lab roaming the house when your at work all day! 🙂

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