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Jeanne here.

Have I ever told you that I might be the only person on the planet who doesn’t love potatoes?

Not mashed.

Not baked.

Not au gratin.

I mean … I like French fries just fine.  And an occasional potato chip.

But in general, I don’t love the texture.  I don’t love the taste.  Potatoes are just not my deal.

Unless they are sweet potatoes.

Or yams.

So my reaction to this photo was surprising.

photo from ohmyveggies.com

Because I saw it, clicked on it to read the recipe, and pinned it immediately.  Then the next day I found myself looking at my pinboard and clicking on the photo again.  And then again the next day.  Then I realized I was looking for an excuse (in the 85 degree weather we’ve been having) to turn on our oven and make them.

So I was super-glad that we had a birthday party potluck to go to on Saturday.

But there were no potatoes in the house.

There were sweet potatoes.

But no potatoes.

So I did what any self-respecting sweet potatoes lover would do … I swapped them into the recipe.

sweet potato tian

The original recipe called for Yukon Gold potatoes, chipotle in adobo sauce, olive oil and salt.

I used sweet potatoes (because we had ’em), grape seed oil (because it has a higher smoke-point than Olive Oil) and Celtic sea salt (for the trace mineral benefits).

Such an incredible success!  (I will say that I think it’s super important to follow the original instructions about packing the potatoes in as tightly as possible).

And the sweet potatoes cooked a little faster than the original recipe suggested (they were in a 375 oven for just over an hour and that was just perfect).

sweet potato 2

I’m absolutely going to make these again.

I might switch out the chipotle-adobo infused oil with garlic and crushed red pepper.  Or with rosemary and thyme.  Maybe with herbs de Provence or taco seasoning.

There are so many options.  I’m excited for the possibilities.

Thanks, Kiersten, at ohmyveggies.com for your awesome inspiration!


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