tarte aux pommes … aka apple tart … aka why I love Julia Child

Jeanne again …

Up until this morning, I was assigned to make an apple pie for our family dinner tomorrow.

But then I heard an article on NPR … it was a 100 year birthday tribute to Julia Childs,’ featuring her Thanksgiving Dinner.  I started salivating at the sound of this dessert.  So I had to go ahead and find it online.

I had all the ingredients.


Click HERE if you’re salivating now, too, and want Julia’s original recipe!

NOTE: Or click HERE for the version I made  … because I made a few changes: I used less sugar.  I didn’t put the glaze through a sieve, or add sugar to the glaze. I used more lemon.   I didn’t pre-bake the shell.  In the past, I’ve found that if it’s thin enough, and if it’s chilled enough (I put it in the freezer while I prepped the inside of this beauty), there’s no need to pre-bake.  But I guess the real test will be tomorrow when we cut into it 🙂

Are you making any special treats for tomorrow?  Want to share any of your secrets?  Let us know.  You can email us at omamasblog@gmail.com.

5 thoughts on “tarte aux pommes … aka apple tart … aka why I love Julia Child

  1. Am I ever happy you were listening to the radio this morning! It is taking all the willpower I can muster up NOT to sample your wares…just to make sure it will be edible for the rest of our Thanksgiving Day guests.

    Anticipation is making me wait…not my best thing.

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