fast food favorites: PastaJoy gluten-free noodles

In a perfect world, I would cook everything from scratch.  But sometimes oftentimes life gets busy and it just doesn’t happen.

So we’ll be sharing some of our favorite “fast foods” that we go to in a hurry!

No one in my family has celiacs disease, but we try to not go overboard on our gluten intake.  More on that soon!

And when we do eat grains, I try my best to get them soaked beforehand.

But my kids love noodles.  Like really, really love noodles. And sometimes a mom needs a break and wants an easy spaghetti dinner!

But nothings worse than a bad-tasting, mushy gluten-free noodle.

Image-9 I’ve tried a handful of different gluten-free pastas over the past few years and HANDS DOWN the best one is Pasta Joy by Tinyada.  It is an organic brown-rice pasta that is never mushy (if cooked according to the directions), and takes pretty darn close to “regular” noodles.  You can easily replace any of your recipes that require noodles with this variation.

I’ve personally bought it from Whole Foods, Krogers and Central Market, but I believe it’s popping up in stores all over the place.

Hope you like it as much as we do!

**Ohh… and in case you were wondering.  I wasn’t paid or perked to write this! We just really like the stuff.**