tarte aux pommes … aka apple tart … aka why I love Julia Child

Jeanne again …

Up until this morning, I was assigned to make an apple pie for our family dinner tomorrow.

But then I heard an article on NPR … it was a 100 year birthday tribute to Julia Childs,’ featuring her Thanksgiving Dinner.  I started salivating at the sound of this dessert.  So I had to go ahead and find it online.

I had all the ingredients.


Click HERE if you’re salivating now, too, and want Julia’s original recipe!

NOTE: Or click HERE for the version I made  … because I made a few changes: I used less sugar.  I didn’t put the glaze through a sieve, or add sugar to the glaze. I used more lemon.   I didn’t pre-bake the shell.  In the past, I’ve found that if it’s thin enough, and if it’s chilled enough (I put it in the freezer while I prepped the inside of this beauty), there’s no need to pre-bake.  But I guess the real test will be tomorrow when we cut into it 🙂

Are you making any special treats for tomorrow?  Want to share any of your secrets?  Let us know.  You can email us at omamasblog@gmail.com.