sometimes we order Chinese food

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It’s Jeanne.

With a confession, of sorts.

We’re pretty good about planning dinners.

And eating a wholesome, nourishing diet.

We soak our grains (most of the time).

We use organic whole milk and pasteured butter.

We eat grass-fed beef.

Organic, free range chicken.

Our eggs are from a farm down the road (where they eat a vegetarian diet and don’t get any antibiotics and have a pretty cush little garden to roam around).

We make kefir.

And yogurt.

And kombucha.

We bake our own sourdough bread.

Truth is … when I write all this down it kind of makes me wonder if we’re crazy.

Okay … so I know we’re not crazy.

Maybe just a little eccentric 🙂

But I’m gonna admit something … and for those of you who know me well, it won’t surprise you …

On those occasions when we forget to plan for dinner (yes … forget) … when we haven’t soaked any quinoa or defrosted any tomato sauce or chicken or meat or when we run out of bone broth and just don’t have it together …

We order Chinese food.



Vegetable (sometimes Chicken) lo mein for the kiddos.

Sesame beef for me and the Cowboy.

And often times, we even get white rice. (Gasp!)


Anyway … just wanted you to know …

Peace out,


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