something small that makes life easier

My kids don’t share a room yet, but I keep all their clothes in Elijah’s closet. David’s crib is still in a nook in our bedroom, but one day I’ll get up the courage to put them together.

Meanwhile, their clothing storage situation is out of control.  I buy a lot 99% of their clothes second hand.  Even though very little money has been spent on their wardrobe, they have A LOT of clothes.  Thankfully, I forgot to snap a before picture, but just imagine the clothes in the closet having looked something like the puzzles in this old pictures.


We don’t have tons of room, so I am always rearranging furniture to try and make the most sense with what we have.  The other day, I needed to clean up the house a little so I did the most logical thing and tore everything apart.  I emptied out the boys’ closet, and put the old dresser in there.  Admittedly, it’s an eyesore, but it’s hidden in a closet and I don’t really care.

So once I put the big dresser in there, I pulled out the label maker.  I may have gotten teased for this, but it was worth it.  There were 6 drawers so I gave each boy a drawer for their jammies, each a drawer for their pants, one for their joined shoes and one for extra blankets.  (I sort of can’t believe I’m showcasing these tacky handles… oh well!)


Even though we have only been living with this system for 48 hours, it feels like one of the best things I have ever done organizationally.  Elijah can’t read yet, but he knows which drawers are his and he has enjoyed helping me put away laundry.  John no longer has to ask where something is, because it was honestly a huge mess in there before.

a1000-38 So I’m officially in love with a label maker.  You think anyone will notice if I label the entire kitchen?

Happy Monday!

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