(soaked) oatmeal frittata

Jeanne here …

I used to eat out a lot.

As an executive and a movie producer, it was sort of part of my job.

I ate breakfast out.  Lunch.  Dinner.  Brunch.  I went out for drinks. I met for coffee.  Agents.  Managers.  Writers.  Directors.  The occasional actor.  It was over these meals that deals were made, relationships formed, ideas hatched.

It’s all a blur now, actually.

And I realize now that it was a blessing and curse to have an expense account (mostly a blessing, but definitely a curse for my waistline 🙂

And through the haze I only remember some of the actual food.

Like the pancakes at Kate Mantilini’s (which I’ve already mentioned).

And the hamburger (yes … the hamburger) at DB Bistro Moderne in New York (Daniel Boulud’s midtown awesomeness).

And a mulberry crepe at David Myer’s Comme Ca on Melrose.  Oh man … my mouth still waters over memories of this crepe.

And then there’s a oatmeal frittata at Hugo’s in West Hollywood.  It’s simple.  Satisfying.  And I remember being surprised at how much I like oatmeal and eggs.  It sounded so strange to me to mix these two ingredients.  I think I ordered it because I couldn’t decide between a pancakes or an omelet.  I wanted protein, but wanted to feel full, too … I think I remember that I had a long day ahead of me.  And guess what?  I loved it!  It was sort of the perfect blend of sweet and savory.  And totally satisfying.

So I’ve been recreating this treat at home for years … but it wasn’t until I started soaking the oats that I really captured the essence of this dish.  So that’s what I’m sharing today.  My version of Hugo’s Oatmeal Frittata.  Mine isn’t nearly as sweet as theirs.  And instead of cottage cheese, strawberries and apple sauce, I garnish it with homemade yogurt and sautéed apples.

photo copy 12
It may not be as pretty as the one at Hugo’s … but it’s JUST as tasty, and a lot more healthy, I think.

INGREDIENTS (one serving):

  • 1/4 cup soaked oats (you could also add kamut or millet or barley or any other grain to your oats the night before.  you could even add nuts if you wanted yet another layer of texture in your frittata)
  • 1 or 2 eggs (the hens laid little little eggs this week, so I used two this morning)
  • 1 apple (sautéed in a small pat of butter) – or 1/4 cup of applesauce or fruit of your liking
  • 2 Tbls of homemade yogurtor store-bought or cottage cheese

photo copy 13

The night before:

Soak your oats.  Seriously.  This makes a HUGE difference (and not just in the nutritional value of the oats … it cuts out the ste of having to cook the oats in the morning, and it makes them the perfect texture when combined with the eggs).

The morning of:

Rinse your oats in a fine mesh strainer until the water runs clear.
Peel and slice the apple.  Sauté apple on medium-high in a small pat of butter until they are soft (about 5 minutes). NOTE:  I don’t add anything extra to the apples, like brown sugar or maple syrup or honey or xylitol because I don’t want them to be too sweet.  Sometimes I add a squeeze of lemon juice.  But this is a personal preference.
Remove the apple from the sauté pan.  Add oats to the pan (I don’t usually add more butter or coconut oil to the pan, but you can if you want).
Beat the eggs, then add to the pan.
Flip it when it’s cooked on one side.
Serve with apples and yogurt.
What did you have for breakfast this morning?

3 thoughts on “(soaked) oatmeal frittata

  1. Hi Jeanne! This looks fabulous, and I’m going to try it tomorrow! Odd question– what kind of pan are you using? I’ve been trying to get away from Teflon-coated pans, and was curious if you were using a cast iron pan.

    1. hi Rachel! We either use cast iron or stainless steel. We have some calphalon, but after reading about them leaching, too, I’m trying to avoid using them. This morning… cast iron. Hope you like the frittata!

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