so much goodness in simple glass jars

Abby here…

Sorry it’s been quiet around here for a few days. I spent the weekend traveling home from a vacation, and Jeanne spent the weekend heading out on one. We’ve been busy traveling cross-country with toddlers… and we all know how consuming that can be!

But now I’m home. My littlest one was was under the weather yesterday which meant we were stuck in the house. He’s much better today, and being at home was a good excuse to get some things done. For example, the spices went from this…

To this…

And it just added one more reason why I am dorky obsessed with these inexpensive, glass canning jars.

One time at the kid’s gymnastics class Jeanne showed up with the cutest little half pint canning jar with some grapes it in for her little ones. I was in love with that cute little jar and next thing you know she shows up at my house with a 12 pack of them for me. Now that is a good friend!

So… back to the jars. They are whole living mama’s very best friend. First off, they are glass. Second, they are cheap. Third, they are self-sealing. They have all different sizes, and I find myself using them all the time for different things. You can buy them in just about any grocery store or we have them in our Amazon store!

I use them in the freezer to store bone broth, soups and pesto. (Update: forgot to mention a few things about using them to freeze. The wide-mouth jars work best for this, and be sure to leave at least 1/2 inch of extra room up top. I have yet to have any jar break in the freezer, but I know this can happen. The smaller the jar… as in pint size… the least likely you will have a problem.)

I refrigerate all sorts of things like my homemade salsa and fermented vegetables.

Jeanne uses this one for brewing kombucha, but canning jars aren’t just good for food related things. Not only do we drink out of them, we store crayons, homemade play dough and odds and ends. I just read in this post on YoungHouseLove (a favorite blog of mine) how he uses them for organizing nails and screws in his basement.

So there you have it. Do yourself a favor and pick some of these babies up!

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