resolutions … I’m not making any this year … except maybe one

Everyone I know makes resolutions at New Years:

“I’m going to lose 10 (20 – 30 – 40) pounds.”

“I’m going to stop eating dessert.”

“… stop buying things made in China.”

“… stop drinking wine.”

“… join a gym.”

“… start saving money.”

“…donate more time to volunteering.”

Because I know for sure there are things I don’t do right.

I want to be the Mom who only uses cloth diapers (but I’d need to make a much bigger investment in to do this successfully.)

I want to be the Mom who comes up with clever lunch ideas each day (because my kids are probably a little tired of quesadillas and apple slices … granted, a sweet potato quesadilla is pretty tasty … I’m just saying.)

I would love to spend more time finding cool educational and fun things for our kids to do.

I would like to be a person who could donate even 10 percent of my time to volunteering at the Food Bank.

To spend more time exercising.

And writing.

And gardening.

And I’m guessing that if I feel this way, it’s a pretty sure bet that I’m not the only one.

What if we stopped being unhappy with the people we are … what if we didn’t get upset about the number on the scale … or the amount in the bank account …

What if we didn’t make a list of the things we don’t do right, but decided to do the things we do well even better?

What if we just decided to make one small change ((in our diet, in our approach, in our life)… something we can actually succeed at?

What if we decided to just be present … in the moment … and to be satisfied … in the moment …?

I bet we’d be a lot happier.

So that’s my resolution this year … to “just be.”  To be washing dishes when I’m washing dishes.  Playing with littles when I’m playing with littles.  Driving when I’m driving … my resolution is to be someone thankful for the life I live, not wishing for a life I don’t.




What’s YOUR resolution this year?

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