resolutions… I made em

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A few years ago I had 2 resolutions for the new year… give up Chick-Fil-A and brush my hair everyday.

If I remember right neither lasted too long.

This year I didn’t really have any plans to make some.  I loved Jeanne’s post the other day about having a goal to ‘just be”.  But then, like every year, January 1st showed up and I couldn’t help but feel like I had a fresh slate.  So as it turns out, I actually have quite a few resolutions.  Here are a few, in no particular order:

1. Food: When it comes to health and nutrition, I want to do a whole lot more and also a little bit less.  

In 2012, I learned so much.  My knowledge in health grew far beyond just picking foods with an organic label on them.  I learned about soaking grains, making my own kombucha, bone broth and fermented vegetables.  It’s exciting to think of what new things I’ll learn this year!  I also want to expand my collection of recipes I always feel confident in cooking.

But when it comes to doing less in terms of food, I also want to be a little more flexible.  When you start to read and learn about most of the food grown and prepared in our country, it can be downright disgusting.  But I don’t want to pass up an invitation for dinner with friends just because I’m not thrilled about the food.  I don’t want to be controlled by my obsession for good quality food.  So basically, I want to become more hardcore when cooking at home (which is about 80-90%) and then more flexible with the rest.


2. Photography.  I love, love, love taking pictures, but I’ve been stuck in the same place for the past year or so.  I’ve got several smaller goals that fit into this category.

  • Print more pictures.  I do not want my pictures just living on hard drives.  I want shoe boxes full of photos that my kids can have one day… just like my husband and I have.  As advanced as new computers are, I just can’t imagine my kids powering up this Mac in 50 years to look through their baby pictures.  So, my goal is to order a handful of prints at the end of every month.
  • I’ve had my eye on this 85 mm lense for way too long.  I got plans to make it happen this year!
  • Learn manual mode on my camera.  For now, I just live aperture or shutter mode, but I know my camera has much more to offer.  I’m going to figure it out!
  • Take fewer, better pictures.  If my kid is doing something cute, I want to be able to capture it in one of 2 shots, not 10!
  • BE IN MORE PICTURES!  This is important.  I recently read about a woman who lost a child, and she was saying she was so thankful that she had so many pictures with him.  Seeing I’m the one usually behind the camera, it’s easy to get left out of every picture.  And also, I don’t think of myself as very photogenic.  But I’m getting over that this year!  I want lots and lots of pictures with my babies and husband!


3. Family.  This ones simple, but it’s really easy for me to fall out of balance.  The kids are needy, and I can quickly forget about my husbands needs.  He’s awesome and way too easy on me, but I’d love to be better about this!  Also, I kept up with this woman’s Year of Motherhood challenge last year and was always inspired by what she was doing.


4. Sleep… or rather, waking up.  Whew.  This one is a toughy.  I’m the most miserable morning person ever.  I can probably count on one hand how many times in the last 4 years I’ve actually woken up before my kids.  I know, pathetic right?  So the plan is to get to sleep a little earlier, and each morning make a mental choice to just wake up and be okay with it.  It’s worked for the last 2 days!

5.  Get outside more… specifically in the winter.  Skiing with small children intimidates me, but we can go sledding!  In the 3 years we’ve lived in Montana, we have only been sledding once… shame on us!


6. Be a little more adventurous.  This past weekend we had the opportunity to go one evening with our kids and meet up with some great friends we never see.  It was Sunday night and they invited us to their church and then out for dinner.  This whole shebang started at 6:30 PM…. about the same time my kids are typically getting ready for bed.  I can be a stickler for my kids nap and sleep times… this mama sort of likes a schedule.  But we broke all the rules and went out late with our kids and ended up sitting down to eat dinner at a restaurant at 10 PM.  My kids did awesome!  When we were leaving dinner at almost midnight.. they were starting to get a little over it, but we all survived and the little one took extra long naps the next day (no complaints here!).   I stepped out of our routine and comfort zone, and it was so worth it! This was the best iphone pic I could get of 6 tired kids at midnight!


I want to take the kids to all the parades, sign them up for things around town and just do all the things that aren’t always easy to pull (like going camping) off but will be great memories for my babies! (Can you say run on sentence?  Grammar isn’t my strong suit.)


7.  Ohh, and I want a dog.  I know, I know.  I can’t help it… I’ve got the itch.  This was our sweet dog Buddy we rescued as a puppy.  He was literally in the same room when Elijah was born (TMI?), so he was always a guard dog for Elijah. It was a sad day when he died suddenly a few years back.  I’m hoping to talk John into one for Elijah’s next birthday in May.  Every boy needs a dog, right?


Anyone still with me??  I know I’m not the only one with a way too long list of things I’d love to see happen this next 12 months. I’d love to hear what you guys goals are!


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