real food and real deals at Costco

Abby here.

I love that every time I go to Costco, I see more and more whole foods being sold.

In a perfect world all our food would be grown locally (or better yet… in our back yard), but that seems almost impossible in a climate like ours.  We have 2 months here till our summer farmers market opens… but in the mean time I’m happy with great deals from the big box stores!

If you don’t have a Costco membership, they will let you browse the store to see if if looks like a good $50 yearly investment.  I’ve also heard that they have no problem letting you tag along with a friend and use their membership (as long as they are in store with you).

Here are a few of the things we’ve been buying there lately:


Organic Produce:
Fuji apples 5.5 lbs. – $6.99 –
Baby spinach 1 lb. – $3.99 – We buy lots for smoothies!
Spring mix 1 1b. – $3.99
Baby kale mix 1.5 lbs. – $4.99 – Perfect for kale chips!
Carrots 10lbs. –  $5.99
Strawberries 2lbs. – $4.99 – Very happy about this!


Organic Meats:
Whole chicken $2.49/lb
Chicken thighs $3.99/lb
Chicken breasts $5.99/lb
Wild Planet’s low-mercury t tuna 6-5 oz. cans – $14.99
Used to see organic beef, but haven’t lately.

Kitchen Staples: 
Seeds of Change organic quinoa 4 lbs. – $8.79
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Sugar 10 lbs – $8.69
Truroots organic, gluten-free pasta 2.20 lbs – $7.49 – Made these noodles with pesto for lunch today and the littlest devoured them.


Organic wheat pasta from Italy 6 pack – $8.49
Organic Lundberg short brown rice 12 lbs. – $12.99
Rice Works Sweet Chili brown rice chips 20 oz. – $5.99 – These are dangerous… I do could eat the whole big bag.
Organic Chicken Stock 6-32 oz. – $11.99 – Bought this before we started making our own
Organic extra virgin olive oil 2 L – $12.39
Organic butter 2 lbs. – $7.69
Nutiva Coconut oil 78 oz./$21.99 – Best deal I’ve ever seen. Ever.
Maranatha Natural Almond Butter 26 oz. – $6.79 – Just started bottling in glass instead of plastic!
Almonds 3 lbs. – $12.79
Pecans 2 lbs. – $13.99
Walnuts 3 lbs. – $16.99

Did I miss anything?  What great deals have you found lately?

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6 thoughts on “real food and real deals at Costco

  1. Actually, the almond butter is a return to glass jars. They were always in glass until a few years ago, when I was dismayed to see that they had switched to plastic. Can’t help but wonder what fueled these decisions.

    You missed the organic celery. Three giant stalks for $2.99, what a deal.

  2. Thanks so much for posting! We are Sams members and have been for years…the furthering of our real food journey has caused us to question the necessity of our memebership there. This breakdown shows me that Costco deserves our patronage. 🙂 thanks again!

    1. Shiela, I honestly haven’t been to Sam’s in forever. No idea what they are selling there! I would check out Costco for sure!

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