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This is becoming a habit … scouring the web and saving some of the good things we read to share with you all.

Life lessons from Lindsay Leigh Bentley:

bf quote

I wrote Monday about THIS QUOTE and how much I struggle with such a simple concept.

But really, it isn’t that I struggle with simply going to bed on time.  It’s that I struggle to do so many things that I know are good for me, that will benefit me, that will actually make my life easier in the long run.

See, I’ve created this woman in my head, subconsciously really.

My imagined self.  And she’s fantastic. KEEP READING

O’Mamas: I read this and thought … “Yeah.  Me, too …”

Good DIY idea from Young House Love:

We have an annual tradition of ordering a photobook each January (which we share every year) to encapsulate the previous year’s favorite photos. We were big fans of the first one that we bought back in 2010 from MyPublisher, so we’ve stuck with them each year since so that all of the books look similar (plus, we love the quality). So with the addition of yearbook number three, we’re finally starting to have a nice little collection going. KEEP READING

O’Mamas: What a great idea.  I wonder if I can get organized enough to go back four years and start this with the birth of our girl.  Hmmmm.  Might be worth the effort!

Starting seeds in Mason Jars by Growing Grace Farm:

seed-start-peppers-6-weeks …the mason jars have done quite well as seed starting containers.  They are by far my favorite.  You can’t really go wrong with them except to over water.  I did that once, and all I had to do was drain off the extra water.  If you are observant, you’ll do fine with recognizing when moisture is needed. KEEP READING

O’Mamas: She’s a little further ahead in her indoor seed starting than we are … but she lives in a warmer climate with a longer growing season.  But what a great idea for start-containers!


What to look for when buying eggs by 100 Days of Real Food.


Eventually I figured out that the “good” eggs are the local ones found at the farmers’ market (that come in all different colored shells by the way, including white). I learned that in most cases pastured chickens not only roam free, but roam on a green, grassy field – or should we call it – a pasture! Unlike cows, chickens do well solely on grains, BUT they are much healthier animals if they eat some greens as well. And as I’ve shared before, “The diet of the animals we eat strongly influences the nutritional quality, and healthfulness of the food we get from them, whether it is meat or milk or eggs.*” KEEP READING

O’Mamas: for years I thought organic store bought eggs were the way to go.  Thankful to know now!

We hope you’ll do the same, and add some of your reads to the comments so we can share the goodness!

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