tomatoes and other greenhouse ramblings

Abby here…
I have a problem.  A good problem in which my greenhouse is in full bloom and it may snow tomorrow  and there is a ton of harvesting to do! I dread it.  Not really, but kind of.  Finding the time to get out there with two kids who want to “help” is hard.  If someone would just come watch my kids for an afternoon and leave me be out there… I would really appreciate it! 🙂
Don’t be fooled by those beautiful cabbage leaves pictured above.  Aphids and cabbage moths moved in overnight and completely ruined my dreams of fermenting my own grown cabbage… URGG!  That being said, there are ALOT of tomatoes and basil and parsley and peppers and potatoes out there, and those babies need to be picked!
Which leads me these tomatoes.
Tons of beautiful, organically grown, non-GMO ripe-red tomatoes.  We have cherry tomatoes, roma tomatoes and several heirloom varieties.   Last year our tomatoes decided it would be nice to all turn red at the exact same time.  When we harvested them they got boiled, peeled and frozen.  While I am was thankful for a deep freezer packed with tomatoes, I found myself uninspired and not really knowing or wanting to use the tomatoes.
So I knew I wanted things to be different this year.  I have decided to go ahead and make the things I will use the tomatoes for and then freeze that.  I think this will make it much more convenient to use my tomatoes this winter.I love salsa and my family loves tomato sauce.  You can search the internet for thousands of ways to make scrumptious versions of both.  When is comes to recipes, here at o’mamas we like to keep cooking simple.  Simple and good.  Jeanne harvested her tomatoes and made 10 quarts of her favorite tomato sauce and I’m thinking about freezing buckets of my homemade salsa.
So what about you?  What do you do with all your tomatoes??

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