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Abby here.

Not only do I love her whit, her down-to-earthness, her compassion and her humor… my very favorite thing about The Pioneer Woman is how her kids work.

They run a rather large cow/calf operation on their ranch, and it appears that their children are a vital part of the process.

I just love it.

And while we don’t have thousands of acres and thousands of cows, I try my best to put my kids to “work” when possible.

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They love having a task to do and being involved… even if it is help Mom make sense of the greenhouse in late March when it’s been neglected for 5 months.
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(Happy to report that section looks way better now!)

And it is true (especially with the youngest), having them help requires much more work on my part.  But I have a good feeling the pay off will be worth it.

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This is the first year where my 4 year old can actually help water the greenhouse.  Who would have thought it’d be so helpful?  Now if only he could decipher which weeds need to be picked!

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Outside of the greenhouse, they love to help mow and pick up branches.  Indoors, we’re (self included!) working on keeping the house more tidy and cleaning up more during the day to lesson the chaos!

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My kids are still young, so most of the jobs are still fun to them.  On days when the weathers bad or they’d rather stay inside, I love having them come “work” the greenhouse with me… teaching him that sometimes we have to do things we don’t want to do!

All-in-all, I just want my boys to grow up being good hard-working men.  In an age where kids have it pretty cush with technology at their fingertips and activities galore, I don’t think they’re ever too young to start learning how to work. 🙂

What “jobs” do your kids do?

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