prayers for Margaret … a jersey girl update

Jeanne here …

A few days ago, I noticed a post on Facebook from our Jersey Girl Donna that her daughter Margaret was in surgery and needed prayers…

Margaret is 11.

I don’t know Margaret.

I have seen photos on Donna’s Facebook page.

She is beautiful.

And energetic.

And, clearly, she is the heart of her mother.

She’s also the reason I know Donna, because Margaret plays field hockey with my friend Rachael’s daughter.  And it was Rachael who introduced me to Jersey Girl Donations and Donna.

So … as much as I’d like to update you all on the progress of Jersey Girl Donations (your generosity still amazes me … just today, a donation of toys, Christmas decorations, cleaning supplies, and so much more, worth more than $200!, was sent to New Jersey.  THANK YOU!), I’d like to take a moment to ask you all to pray for Margaret.

It turns out, that this beautiful, engaging, warm-hearted girl has a condition that is serious, but operable. (Her mother has asked that we not focus on the specifics, but keep our hearts and minds on the best outcome.)

Please … in the moments when you find yourself praying … please add Margaret to those prayers.  Ask that God guide the hands of the surgeons who will operate on her … that he warm the hearts of the nurses who care for her … and that he strengthen her family and friends, that they have the courage to stand strong through her recovery.


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