pinecone crafting for the craftless

Someone accused flattered me once and called me “crafty.”

She apparently was looking into my heart, and not at the evidence.

But I try, gosh darnit. I try.

We’ve been at my Mom’s in the Coachella Valley this past week and I’ve been looking for fun things to do with the kids during the 90 degree days that won’t leave my cold-loving Montana brood bored and stuck in air conditioning for too long. (The pool’s been off-limits this week as they clean it, turn the heat on and prep it for the “high season,” which in the desert is end of October through March).

We’ve had bubble blowing contests.

Races around the trees in the field behind the house.

We’ve gone sidewalk chalk crazy on the patio.

Had ballon tosses.

But our favorite thing to do is go on nature walks to the duck pond just a stone’s throw from Grammy’s backyard … our best adventure to date.

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(Although today we head to the Living Desert Zoo and are hoping to see the zookeepers feed giraffes so … it may not stay in the lead for long).

On one of those walks, the kids “discovered” pinecones different from the ones at home. These are full and round and open. They are just gorgeous. (The ones at home are gorgeous, too. But they stay pretty closed with our cool cool nights.) Our quest undoubtedly became a game and a race to see who could pick up the most pinecones. Although we piled them into one pile, so no one was the winner. 🙂

But what to do with a stroller full of pinecones?

Why … make Christmas ornaments, of course.

I mean, Costco is already selling ribbon, O’Mamas is already doing a toy giveaway, it only makes sense to make ornaments in October, doesn’t it?

So after a run to the local pharmacy to get glitter and glue, here’s what’s left of our beautiful pinecones.




Yeah …

We’re not as crafty as we dream.

But it was fun.

And after two days we’re still finding glitter in our hair.


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