personalized ABC book for kids

Like every parent does for their child, I wanted Elijah’s 3rd birthday to be extra special.

After he went to sleep the night before we filled his room with balloons as a surprise for when he woke up. He loved it, and is asking for it again for his upcoming 4th birthday.


I stopped scrapbooking after he turned one, but I wanted to make him another special book.  Since he was starting to learn his letters, I thought a personalized ABC book would be a perfect fit.

personalized ABC book for kids I made the book using MyPublisher.  It very easy to make, the quality is great and they always have sales. (No, this isn’t a sponsored post. I was just really happy with the way it turned out!

For each letter, I chose one picture that covered the entire page, and then did the words in white.


I wanted it to be very personalized to him so we used lots of favorite family pictures.  Image-28

Below is a list of words you could use for each letter.  The first ones listed are what I used for my book.

  • A-apple, animals, America, airplane, arm
  • B-brothers, ball, baby, band-aid, beach, birthday, bicycle
  • C-cousins, cat, car, camera, camping, Christman
  • D-daddy, dog, daughter, dinner, dinosaur, duck
  • E-Elijah, elephant, egg, exercise, explore
  • F-farm, face, family, feet, flag
  • G-Grammy and Grandpa, garden, gift, giraffe, glue, goldfish, glove
  • H-horses, hair, hammer, heart, hero
  • I-instruments, ice cream, insect, island
  • J-jumping, jammies, jeans, jelly
  • K-kisses, kites, keyboard
  • L-legos, laugh, legs, lips, lion, little
  • M-mommy, mailbox, mask, mermaid, milk
  • N-naptime, nose, noodles, night
  • O-ocean, oatmeal, octagon, orange
  • P-Pa and Grandma, princess, pizza, play
  • Q-quick (a picture of him running)
  • R-reading books, rainbows,
  • S– snow, sunshine, sisters,
  • T-trains, taco, teddy bear, tape measuer
  • U-underwear, umbrella, upside down, U.S.A.
  • V-vegetables, vehicle, vest, Valentines
  • W-wrestling, walk, wave, whistle, world
  • X-xylophone, x-ray
  • Y-yellow (a picture of him holding a big yellow flower)
  • Z-zebra, zoo, zipper, zucchini

personalized ABC book for kids

Remember, make it personal to you!


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