one on one

On Sunday, my almost 4 year old and I snuck away for a little mama/son time.  He’s a good sport about letting his little brother be a mommy-hog, so it was nice to have some uninterrupted time together.

When I think about Elijah it’s hard not to beam with pride.  But after reading Bragging Rights from Momastery a while back, I’ve struggled with what to say and what not to say about my kids.  Social media is a weird thing.  I admire those who use social media to brag on their little ones, and then I equally respect those who leave their kids out of it.  I feel like I’m stuck somewhere in the middle.   Am I even making and sense?

But back to our date.

We headed to the hot springs and spent a few hours swimming in the different pools.  We even braved the snow and ran out into the outdoor naturally heated pool.  He can’t swim yet, so I got lots of hugs and we had lots of conversation!

photo-22 (I might not be fancy, but I just need to clarify that this it not my hair style… we were just leaving the pool!  Typically, I wouldn’t have even put myself in the picture, but with this month’s self challenge I had to squeeze in.)

It was nothing extravagant, but just a reminded how fun it is to get a little some time with just one child.


4 thoughts on “one on one

  1. Abby, we must be channeling each other, because I just wrote about this topic recently at my own blog ( So obviously, I agree with you 100% that is so important and meaningful for children to get one-on-one time with a parent. Especially when the sibling rivalry, whining, non-sharing, and fighting starts escalating! My husband and I gave these outings as holiday gifts to the kids, but we’re going to start incorporating them much more into our lives–why wait until a holiday, right?

    1. Joy,
      That’s awesome! My husband takes our oldest out from time to time for some alone time, but it’s been a while since I’ve done it. Seems they something that they need and we need!

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