one of my favorite memories ever

My Elijah.  Sometimes I can’t believe I landed such an amazing son.  For his third birthday we decided to fill his room with balloons while he was sleeping.  It was a huge hit, and I hope to make this a tradition in our family.

Once he was asleep for the night, we put in a movie and started blowing up balloons.  We had over 100 balloons, and I’m not sure how we were still breathing when we were done!

Confession: I usually never wake up before my kids. This had to be an exception, because I couldn’t wait to see his reaction.

Isn’t that just the sweetest reaction thing ever?   Sooo worth dragging myself out of bed early.

On Elijah’s 3rd birthday David was only 7 months and still demanded a lot of my attention.  The balloons secured this day as Elijah’s Day.  And it was… we celebrated that sweet kid in a big way!

Sleep tight!

Pardon the blurry iPhone pics… this was during my year of not really taking pictures… more on that later. 

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