one night away

A few nights ago Jeanne and I got away for a little over 24 hours to retreat to a lodge near Big Sky.

Within those 24 hours we:

Worked on blog stuff for about 10 hours.
Almost burned the lodge down twice.  Seriously.
Had a burger and hard cider at a honky tonk bar.
Played a round a pool at honky tonk bar.
Enjoyed the hot tub.
Watched a movie.
Each got our own big bed to stretch out in and not fight for covers with anyone.
Slept without a child (or two) on top of us.
Slept in (at least I did).
Sat down for a peaceful breakfast made just for us.
Did a bit more blog stuff.
Decided we MUST do this more often.





We are pretty thrilled and amazed at all we were able to accomplish with a few computers, good wifi and a warm fire.  We’ve got some fun new things in store and can’t wait to share!


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