oh the horror! (aka … what do you mean I can’t have an egg taco?)

We are out of eggs.


This is a very big deal.

And I’m not sure if I’m going to recover anytime soon.

You see, we get our eggs from a gal named Terry who lives just outside of town.

And they are wonderful.








With orange-gold yokes.  Like … little bits of the sun gold.  Like … turn your pancakes yellow-kind-of orange.

I didn’t know eggs could be so good.

And we’ve been getting them from Terry for a little more than a year.

Two dozen a week.

For $2 a dozen.

(What a bargain, right?  We basically just pay for chicken feed.)

And we found out yesterday that something’s been attacking the hens. Like a fox or a bobcat or a dog. She’s lost four in the past three weeks.

And the ladies have stopped laying.

They seem to be on strike.

Which is just awful.

I mean … it’s awful for Terry.  And certainly it’s worse for the ladies.

But on a totally selfish note, we eat a lot of eggs here at the Cottage.

A lot.


Did I mention I’m serious?

We eat scrambled eggs.

We eat them poached.


In frittatas.

Or as a quiche.

We bake with them.

Make eggy-crepe-like-pancakes with them.

But our staple … what I’m craving this morning (as I do most mornings) is the “incredible edible egg” taco.



A super-nutritious protein-packed powerhouse of a satisfying breakfast that takes all of four minutes to make.

And I haven’t met a person who doesn’t love ‘em.

For breakfast.  For lunch.  Even for dinner.

egg taco


  • One egg
  • One pat of butter or one tsp. coconut oil
  • One slice of cheese (Whatever you have in the fridge will work.  We generally use sharp cheddar)
  • Sea Salt
  • And, while this is optional because just the egg and cheese are awesome, you can add whatever leftovers you have on hand (a little spinach … maybe some leftover garlic chipped broccoli … hamburger … short ribs … refried beans … go crazy.  It’s your egg taco!)
  • One small (6-inch) tortilla … flour or corn … it’s up to you.  But I’ll share how to make homemade flour tortillas in the coming days, and you’ll probably never buy them from the store again.


  • Small frying pan
  • Rubber spatula


Heat the butter or coconut oil over medium heat in the frying pan.  When the pan “sizzles” a few drops of water, add the egg (crack the yoke).  And fry until the whites are no longer transluscent.  Flip it.  Add the slice of cheese and the tortilla.  Heat for just about 30 seconds to a minute.  Then TURN IT OVER so the tortilla is on the bottom of the pan warming up with the cheese melting between it and the egg.  Add your “extra ingredients.”  Then a sprinkle of Sea Salt.  Just another 30 seconds (maybe less … depends on the freshness and starting temperature of your tortilla).

Remove the tortilla from the heat.  Fold and enjoy!

Now you understand why I’m distraught over the eggs?

Pardon me.  I think I have to run to the store for some eggs.  I’m all of a sudden very hungry.

Oh … this is Jeanne … by the way 🙂

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