oh, Henry …

Jeanne here … from my new desk 🙂

Sitting here … looking out my window, dreaming of the sunflowers that I’m going to plant in a few weeks, next to the fence that borders our yard and blocks the view into our neighbor’s yard, and wandering through old pictures wondering what  to write.

Henry lays behind me (blocking my chair from moving and making sure I sit here “writing.”)

He’s a good dog.

Always looking out for me.

I’m convinced he might be my guardian angel.

I found Henry on Craigslist the year I met the Cowboy.

It was 4 am and I was still at work (working on a movie in production gets you in the office at all hours … I think I was working on a 20 hour day).  I was waiting for the writer to to email me a new draft of the script and struggling to stay awake, so I was surfing the web and there was an ad on Craigslist that said “Free Chocolate Lab to Good Home.”  And in the ad, a terrible story about a dog named Austin whose owner had just had a baby and the baby wasn’t well and they were spending so much time in and out of the hospital that they could no longer take care of him.

I cried.

And without too much thought, I emailed her.

And she emailed back (within seconds).

And about 5 hours later (after I was done with work and heading to my sublet for a few hours sleep before the next day began), I found myself on Interstate 40 driving about 40 minutes to meet this “Austin.”  He was in my car 5 minutes later … and his name was Henry.

And in all honesty, he was integral to my romance with the Cowboy.


He was an excuse for us to meet at the river (the Rio Grande in Albuquerque, New Mexico) and go for long walks, or bike rides or runs to make sure Henry got enough exercise.


He was an excuse to stay late at work at the studio to throw a ball for him because I didn’t have a yard at my apartment sublet.

And he was a reason for the Cowboy to “check in” on me and how things were going as the adoptive mother to a previously “abandoned” dog.  (His previous owner had told me that she had left him outside for about 3-4 months, tied up, fed twice a day, but ignored … poor guy.)

Anyway … Henry’s a little crazy.


6a0120a6b271a7970c013480054293970c-800wi Really doesn’t love being inside.

But outside?

He’s amazing.

6a0120a6b271a7970c0133ecd528e8970b-800wi Joyful.

IMG_0833 Loving and playful (especially if you’re holding an orange ball).


A beacon of happiness.

I love Henry.

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