new moms are awesome

Abby here…

As I mentioned the other day, this weekend I got started on organizing the bajillion photos on my computer.

Wanna know what I realized?

I was an awesome new mom.

Maybe it’s because I had so much free time, or maybe because he was… well.. my first.

I guess it’s inevitable.  The first child gets all the bells and whistles. The one on one.  The baby swim lessons. The new clothes.  The pictures at the pumpkin patch.  The extravagant first birthday party.  The complete attention.  Locks of hair stored away from their first haircut.  Cheesy pictures from The Picture People at the mall.

Elijah at 7 months.  He's almost 4.  I could cry.
Elijah at 7 months. He’s almost 4. I could cry.

The scrapbooks.



This one bothers me.  I actually had so much fun making a scrapbook of Elijah’s first year.   Not only was it full of pictures, I also used it to document all his milestones.  I poured hours and hours into that puppy.

I had the best intentions of making one just like it for David, but I could never find the time and it just didn’t happen!  He’s only 17 months old and there is already so much I can’t remember.

And we all know it has nothing to do with love.  My second born has stolen my heart.  He’s full of spunk and energy and makes us laugh every single day.


Part of the problem is,  I had this vision of all my kids scrapbooks being just the same.  Same book, same size, same concept.  In fact, when I was pregnant with Elijah and bought his scrapbook, I wanted to buy 10 of them just in case we ever have ten kids.  That way they would all be the exact same.  I know, I’m crazy.

So when I realized I wasn’t going to be able to pull of an identical scrapbook for David, I sort of just gave up.  Boo!

One of my new year’s resolutions is to print pictures at the end of every single month.  Each month I’m printing a handful of special pictures of that month, but I am also going back and getting ones of David’s first year.   They might not end up in a big fancy scrapbook, but at least they will be in an old shoebox he can look through one day.

I’m a third child myself, and my baby book shows it.  And mom… now that I’m a mom myself, I get it!  Turns out as an adult, I’ve been just find without having an elaborate book all about me.

In the end, I realize it doesn’t matter that much, but some how some way I’m going to be better about documenting David’s life… and not just online!

3 thoughts on “new moms are awesome

  1. My girl friend knew she would never have the time to scrapbook nor did was she the creative type. So she committed to semi annually uploading as a back up for all of their photos to Shutterfly, family vacations, holidays, everyday etc.. At the end of each year when Shutterfly is giving HUGE discounts on their pic books she creates one for each child for the year and a family one. PLUS all that art work you will hold on to from Preschool thru elementary, she takes a pic and those are the last pages of each book so she doesn’t have to store a library of art. Just another idea.

    1. I love this idea, Theresa. Seriously. I know a friend who takes iPhone pix of all her kids artwork then makes collages out of them and uses them for thank you notes. xoxo, Jeanne

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