nature’s table setting

Abby here.

June 1st and the rain has finally left us!  Which is a good thing, because I had decided if Montana didn’t get it’s act together soon I was packing up the family and moving somewhere tropical.

Anywho, back in the day I used to be a slave to the Food Network, and I occasionally watched Sandra Lee’s Semi Homemade.  Bless that lady.  Her food always seemed okay, but those table settings were horrific.  And as if the actual table settings weren’t enough, she would usually wear a coordinating outfit.

In hopes of never making her mistakes, I swore off table settings all together. They just seemed too fancy for my taste.

But today as I was pruning our blooming lilac bushes, I thought it might be nice to make a simple table setting using the trimmings along with some other natural things.  untitled (1 of 1)-34

Along with the purple lilacs, I did two mason jars of dandelions, a tall vase full of apples and a cup of basil I am currently trying to root.  I used some green cloth napkins tied together with natural kitchen twine on our regular white plates.

I love how simple and refreshing the whole thing feels.  Makes me want to host a ladies lunch.

untitled (1 of 1)-33

Other than the 50 questions from my 4 year old (Why are we putting out plates if we aren’t eating?  Where’s the food?  Is there a present inside the green napkin for me? Are we eating soon?), I actually really enjoyed putting this whole thing together.
Anyone else ever used food or plants to do a table setting?

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  1. Boy, do I feel dumb now…I always try to match my outfit to my napkins! haha. It looks beautiful Ab

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