natural cold/flu remedy survival kit – a GIVEAWAY



Because it’s Tuesday …

Because we really appreciate you all …

And because we know way too many folks who are coming down with the flu …

We’ve put together a little natural flu remedy survival kit that we’re giving away to one lucky winner!

natural flu remedy survival kit

Included in our survival kit … Oil of Oregano, Black Elderberry Extract and Peppermint Essential Oil.

As a reminder, we’re not doctors.  We’re moms.  And we’re sharing our own experience … we rely on these supplements (and a few others) to keep us healthy and strong during cold/flu season.  Obviously, you should consult your own health care professional before adding/changing your own family healthcare regime.

Here are the details:

  • Prize: One O’Mamas Natural Cold/Flu Remedy Survival Kit (value: $33) mailed to you.
  • To Enter:  Leave a comment telling us how you’re fighting colds & flus in your home. (Comments are manually approved, so it might not pop up right away. Then scroll to the bottom of the post (above the comment section) and share this post via Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Prize ships in the USA only. 
  • Nitty gritty: Only one entry per person per day. 
  • Giveaway starts right now and ends Thursday, January 24 at 11:59 pm.
  • Winner will be chose randomly and announced Friday here on the blog!
  • Remember you can enter once each day… so you can enter THREE times before the giveaway closes on Thursday!


26 thoughts on “natural cold/flu remedy survival kit – a GIVEAWAY

  1. Love this giveaway!! I would like to win to use this on my hubs! He currently feels like he is getting sick. We are loading up with lots of water, green tea and ACV (thanks to y’all!)

  2. Elderberry, echinacea, vitamins, probiotics and recently started using fermented cod liver oil.would live to try peppermint oil and other essential oils!

  3. Eat a lot of whole foods! Lots of hand washing. Our boys sing the abc song whole they scrub! And we tend to stay home more this time of year.

  4. I guess I’ll be the first Wednesday comment. I noticed one more thing I didn’t have on my list…we also stay home a little bit more around this time of the year. Not a fun way to deal with cold and flu season…

  5. Our almost 3 year old son plays the ABC song on his leap frog fridge Abc toy while he washes his hands, so he washes for long enough & learns his alphabet at the same time! I just need to put his toy in a ziplock bag so it doesn’t get wet and damaged when he uses it near the sink.

  6. I keep Johnson’s hand and face wipes in the diaper bag so that when we’re out and about Oliver’s hands (and Mom and Dad’s) stay clean! Helps to ward off those nasty germs. Plus gives me the peace of mind that I need, for only $2 a packet, it’s the perfect solution.

  7. Great giveaway! We are drinking tea with local honey to help keep the colds away. Plenty of rest and lots and lots of handwashing. I hope everyone stays cold and flu free this winter.

  8. We use a lot of Traditional medicine teas as well as increase our intake of Vitamins C & D. I also just picked up an awesome antioxidant throat spray with olive oil!

  9. Well as I find myself starting to sniffle I think wow what a grat giveaway! lol I am a hand washer and sanitizer during the winter. I have to deal with sick people in the office all the time, as we all do, so I try to protect myself and avoid the germs! hand washing and sanitizer is the way to go. If they would let me I think I would wear a mask!

  10. getting enough rest (and even a little extra this time of year) and hand washing with antibacterial soap (which can be harsh on the skin so I am not crazy about it). I haven’t tried any of these natural oils & remedies yet which is why I am hoping to win! My husband got influenza 2 years in a row and this year it turned in to Guillain Barre. Horrible experience…gotta try harder to fight off these sicknesses!!

  11. Elder berry syrup, balanced diet, exercise and sleep (when possible, lol) and so far we have been doing pretty well 🙂

  12. We are washing hands and making sure to get fresh air inside the house. Today in Houston, Tx it was nice enough to wear shorts and flip flops, so we had the back door and windows open too.

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