lions and tigers and more tigers, oh my!

Abby here..

My family is in Dallas for Christmas, and I am so thankful for this mild Texas weather!  Montana winters don’t bother me anymore, but something about trading snow boots for flip flops in the middle of December just feels good.

So while we’re here we’ve been trying to get our kids outside and hopefully fill up their Vitamin D bank.  Turns out, just a few miles from my parents house, there is a exotic feline wildlife rescue center.  I’ve always had mixed feelings about seeing animals in cages like this.  I’m thankful to be able to so closely see animals we never would, but something about them in those cement cages is just feels wrong.  It makes it easier it easier knowing all these animals were rescued.

Thank you Jesus for double chain link fences!

How many people can say a white tiger photo-bombed their family picture?  (It was a cloudy day…. no idea why I was squinting!)

DSC_2428 Check out that yawn.


One thing I was reassured is my 15 month old is absolutely fearless.


I’ll spare you guys the video, but lets just say that this white beauty didn’t like the way my husband looked at him.  Again… thank you Jesus for double chain link fence!


It’s amazing how something can be so beautiful and so… well… deadly.

My boys both loved and it and we will be going back!  If you live anywhere near Dallas I highly recommend going!

So, what about y’all?  Doing any animal sightseeing this Christmas season?

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