keeping things civilized

It’s Jeanne again.

I had a few quiet moments this morning and I’ve been thinking back on the last 18 months and realizing that regardless of the trials we’ve been handed (my mother-in-law’s broken back a week before our wedding, the sale of our house falling through, the purchase of a new house falling through, the Cowboy’s beautiful mother’s stroke and subsequent passing, multiple job offers falling apart at the last minute, etc), we were given the great gift of having the Cowboy home with us.


You see, the Cowboy still works in the movie business (which is how we met).   And his work generally takes him on the road for six or seven months at a time.  Often times to my old stomping grounds of Los Angeles.  Sometimes New Mexico (which is where we met).  Sometimes Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh, Vermont, etc. (to name a few of the places he’s worked).

But for 18 months (since he wrapped work on The Dark Knight Rises), he’s been home with us.  And no matter what else was happening, I felt blessed to wake up every day and know he was there.

So last week, when he got a call from one of my old coworkers and asked to come work on a new movie we both took a great big inhale.  Because honestly, not having an income for 18 months can be a challenge.  So the work is welcome.  But he got the initial call on a Saturday.  By Monday the job was his and less than a week later he was on the road.  And I woke up Monday morning to a house that was a lot quieter than it was the day before.

And it’s the closest thing to single-parenthood that I would like to experience.

Because after just five days it’s pretty obvious that this raising of children thing … it’s way easier with two parents.

But I’ve been keeping it together.

For the most part.

Because that’s my job.

To spend the next nine months (this is a long job that will likely take him out of the country for a few months) raising our littles with him in mind.

patriotic family
it wasn’t his idea for all of us to be in patriotic garb 🙂

With our intentions.  Not just my own.

So this week has been about keeping things “normal.”

Having good breakfasts.

Riding lessons.


Grocery shopping.

And sitting down to dinner.


civilized 3  In case you’re curious, we had a bacon caprese salad …

bacon caprese
(4 pieces of bacon, rough chopped and sprinkled over a bed of mixed greens, a few sprigs of fresh basil, a cup of cherry tomatoes and some fresh mozzarella drizzled with good quality olive oil and balsamic … and some good crusty sourdough bread)

civilized 4

 And it was a huge hit …

Keeping things “normal” is going a long way toward keeping us all “sane.”

What do you do to “keep it together” when life throws you for a loop?



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