it’s not always easy

I guess I just wanted to say if you’ve ever had one of those days where this whole mothering gig seems really hard

You’re not alone.

That picture up there was exactly how I felt on Tuesday.

It was one of those days when everything went wrong at once.  I had very little sleep the night before.  My youngest was teething.  The boys’ naps hardly happened.  The fridge was empty.  The house was messy and dirty.  The kids took turns having a bad attitude, and my husband had to work late.  Not to mention… this.

So when I was having that horrible day, I mentioned something on Facebook, and had a handful of other mamas comment that they know exactly what I mean.

It was a nice reminder that I’m not alone.  Raising kids is hard.  Most days are awesome, but it’s not always a cake walk!

There will be days when your kids need 100% of you, yet you don’t feel you have an extra ounce to give.

There will be days with out of no where you little one gets sick and all of a sudden everything you had planned for the next 72 hours gets thrown out the window.

There will be days when, despite your very best efforts, your toddler will throw an absolute fit in the Target toy aisle.

But then, thank you Jesus, there will be days when your head is clear and you feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Today was a new day for me, and it’s amazing what a good nights sleep will do.  I highly recommend it!  I started thinking of all the things I should have done yesterday that would have made a huge difference.

things to do when you’re having a difficult mom day

get in the car and go somewhere… anywhere
put on a movie and close your eyes for a few minutes
ask for help
get outside
go on a walk
invite a friend over
make a last minute playdate
make cookies

And always remember…


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