i’m building a desk?

Okay … so … this is Jeanne.  And I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned that we live in a Cottage in town.

And by Cottage … I mean … on the free market it would be referred to as “cozy” and “quaint” …

It’s a wonderfully full home to a family of four including two littles (who take up more space than I can fully express or appreciate)…

photo copy 2

and two dogs (who believe the house actually belongs to them).

photo copy
this is our “angel” Henry … he is what I would call a very good sport.

photo copy 4

And everyone has their own space in the house.

The littles have their room and a playroom (see above).

The dogs have the entire floor … and Hitcher has taken over a leather chair in the living room  (thank goodness it’s leather …how else could we keep it clean?! )

And the Cowboy has turned our unfinished basement into a bit of man-cave (but it’s not in my prerogative to take a photo of his intensely manly environ.

Which leaves little space for this mom-blogger (outside of the kitchen … which belongs to EVERYONE).

So I scoped out a corner of our bedroom and have been looking for a desk.

photo copy 5

And just haven’t found one that I love … or that fits into this miniature space.

Which brings me to my friend Suzy (who I’ve mentioned on occasion … we board our horses on her property outside of town, and she’s my Mad-Gal connection).  Suzy is cooler than cool. And a maker of beautiful furniture and cabinetry.

I guess maybe I mentioned my struggle to find a desk to Suzy … and without batting and eye she offered to help me MAKE one!  What?  Make it?  The exact desk I want and need?  That will actually fit in the corner?

So we’re going to do it.

A modified version of this one:

I’m so excited!
And only a little nervous to use the power tools.
Hope to have something decent to show you by week’s end!
Are you doing anything fun this week?

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