i thought i was a genius

It’s Jeanne.

With a pathetic confession.

It’s been a few weeks since I made ice cream and the other night our little guy looked at me and said (in a tiny-little-about-to-turn-2-years-old voice  “Ice cream…. Pwease … My favewit.”


(This is not my pathetic confession … but it says something when a toddler puts together his longest string of words to beg his mother for ice cream, yes?)

So I haven’t made ice cream recently.  Not for any real reason.  Mostly because I haven’t wanted to buy heavy cream from the grocery store because we’ve got a friend who shares the raw milk bounty from her dairy cow, and we have so much milk in the house right now, with beautiful wholesome cream on top, that I just feel like it would be a waste to go out an buy heavy cream.

But I don’t have a fancy milk separator.

We have a small kitchen and limited storage … we’ve definitely got enough stuff and I’m trying to simplify rather than multiply what takes up that precious space.  I don’t really want to buy another bulky piece of kitchenware.

So I haven’t made ice cream.

And then all of a sudden this request is looming large every time I look into those baby blues.

“Pwease … My favewit.”

Which gets me thinking about how I might separate the cream from the milk we have.

Abstractly thinking about it.

Not really thinking about it.

I didn’t google anything.

I didn’t pull out the old homesteading books.

I just sort of had a thought about it and then filed it away didn’t really think about it again.

Until I woke up to light bulbs flashing in my brain … a real “EUREKA!” moment.

We have THREE cold drink dispensers.  You know …the ones with a spout.  Like for sun tea or something??  All I really need to do is pour the milk into one of the dispensers.  Let it rest over night until the cream rises to the top and then siphon  off the milk!



So I tell Abby this (mind you, as I’m saying it I’m prouder than a peacock) and she says “yeah, that’s pretty much all over the internet as the easy way to do it.”  (I’m paraphrasing … I can’t remember her exact words because they were like knives to my bubblicious ego, which popped and left me deflated on the floor).

So …

Yeah …

I may not be the first one with the idea … but I’m happy to report that it worked!


Isn’t that pretty??

So today I’ll be making some ice cream… “Pwease.”

Happy Tuesday!

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